Local Chinese-Karen-Chinese-Pj

Local Chinese-Karen

Karen was a a restraining order against him so I am very cautious about starting something new but I really like you. It was during that very tough time that I met Chloe in a bar and she was going through the same thing. We both got pretty drunk and she said her place was right around the corner and I could crash there because I didn’t need to be driving in my condition.Please call 018-2607093 Albert to booking our Local Chinese-Karen-Chinese-Pj.

Local Chinese-Karen-Chinese-Pj

Local Chinese – Karen – Chinese – Pj

If you want my pleasure, dont hesitate to contact my agency for my reservation and schedule,Try the newest babe sensation
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Come and feel my sexy body
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Name 👉 Karen
Race 👉 Local Chinese
Age 👉 23
Stats 👉 36C 24 34
Height 👉 165cm / 48kg
Price 👉 RM400/45minit/1Shot. RM800/90minit/2Shot(Included Room)
Location👉 Pj XX Hotel

Local Chinese-Edrie

Local Chinese-Edrie

You floated like a gentle cloud in front of me, and your beautiful and elegant face rippling with a beautiful spring smile.elegant and dazzling.Enjoy your current environment and love your current life. Find meaning in meaninglessness, find taste in tastelessness, and search for hope in hopelessness. You came slowly to me: brown-green hair, with white lace turned neck.Please call 018-2607093 Albert.

最佳治愈系美女! 皮肤雪白,娇小玲珑,好操作好使用、配合极高!床上淫荡的模样,惹得你心痒痒!

Local Chinese-Edrie

♥ Edrie

♥ 22yo 岁

♥ 162cm 公分

♥ 47kg 公斤

♥ 34C 24 34

♥ Malaysia 马来西亚 | Local Chinese

♥ RM400.00 Per Shot OR 45minutes | 一炮或45分钟

♥ B2B, BBBJ, FJ | 波推,全身漫游,口交

♥ CD & Rooms Provided | 包含酒店和避孕套

♥ Out-call & Overnight Services Available | 提供外卖和过夜服务