Taiwan Escort-Molly-Taiwan-Pj

Taiwan Escort-Molly

Molly she come form Taiwan,She was very interested to know about experience in massages. We spoke in length and breadth of different massages and how each one is different in its own sense.She come here earn money is for study college,Please call 018-2607093 Albert to booking our Taiwan Escort-Molly-Taiwan-Pj.


Taiwan Escort-Molly-Taiwan-Pj

Taiwan Escort – Molly – Taiwan – Pj

Pj xx hotel

Name 名字:Molly 茉莉

Age 年龄:       19yo   ​​

Height 身高  :   158cm  ​

Weight 体重:   46kg   ​​

Body 三围:      34C 24 34

Country国籍:Taiwan 台湾

Price收费:RM260 45min/1shot & Rm520 90min/2shot

Service 服务: 波推,全身漫游,​口交B2B, ​BBBJ, FJ

波推,全身漫游, 口交,毒龙钻,漫游,口交,过水,刮痧,冰火两重天,老汉推车,猛虎下山,观音坐莲

*Room & Condom Provided*

Location: Pj xx hotel