Usj Local Chinese Freelance – Cherry – Subang Escort

Usj Local Chinese Freelance – Cherry – Subang  Escort

Her pussy is the most beautiful, the labia majora is perfectly wrapped around the labia minora, and only a little bit of labia has a pink temptation. Her pubic hair is quite small and very neat, and Li Xin’s little virgin is tight and tough. Can only barely hold a finger. Her lascivious secretion is very much.For more about our Subang Escort and Local Freelance Girl please call to 018-2607093 Albert for booking our Usj Local Chinese Freelance – Cherry – Subang Escort.

Name (ชื้อเล่น)= Cherry
Race = Chinese Masseur
Age (อายุ)= 30
Height (ส่วนสูง)= 155cm
Weight (น้ำหนัก)= 46kg
Body = 33c-26-34

Price : RM 300 45 min (1 shot)

1:無套吹 – blowjob without condom อมไม่ใส่ถุง (can )✔️
2:戴套做 – safe sex ปลอดภัยเรื่องเซ็กไหม (yes)✔️
3:共浴 – shower or bath together อาบน้ำกับ ลค ได้หรือเปล่า (yes)✔️
4:親嘴 – kiss จูบ (can )✔️
5:舌吻 – French kiss จูบใช้ลิ้น (no )✖️
6:品鮑 – pussy tasting เลียน้องสาว (can )✔️
7:六九 – 69 ท่า 69 (can)✔️
8:按摩 – massage นวด ( can)✔️
9:奶炮- breast fuck เอาที่ร่องนม (can )✔️
10.cim /口爆 come in mouth✔️